Auto Bride Saw With Rotating Table

Specifications :

  • Automatic Bridge Type Edge Cutting / Trimming Machine with Rotating Table. Rotating Table with 90 degree Stop & Lock System.
  • A.C. Drive 1 H.P. for variable cutting speed.
  • Bridge Movement with Rack & Pinion Transmission.
  • Bridge Traveling with 1 H.P. Servo Motor for Higher accuracy.
  • Heavy Linear Guide for Bridge Travel.
  • Laser line for Positioning of Cutting Saw on Stone.
  • Programmable PLC Controller With Touch Screen & Push Buttons.
  • Foundation Not Require.


Features of the Machine :

  • Heavy & Rigid Cast Iron Bridge.
  • All Electrical Motors are made from ABB, Crompton Greaves, Schneider or equivalent companies.
  • Oil bath spindle.
  • Easy to use & understand function of PLC Controller.
  • Fast return speed of Cutting Head for fast production.
  • Very High accuracy for Cutting.


Please Note :
We can also do modification in above machine to cut upto 200mm Thick Stone with 600mm cutting saw. PLC Controller can do the program for slicing ( step cutting ) function for thick stone cutting.

Technical Specfications And Comparision Chart