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Automatic Stone Cutting Machine

Automatic Stone Cutting Machine

SIGMA MACHINE TOOLS is a well-known and reliable Automatic Stone Cutting Machine Manufacturer and Exporter in India. We are manufacturers and exporters of Machinery for Granite, Marble, Sand Stone & other stones. Our Product range includes Block Slicing Machines, Polishing Machines, Edge Cutting / Trimming Machines, CNC Stone Engraving Machines (Router). We also have the know-how to develop and supply customized machinery as per client requirements.

Our Stone Cutting Machine are,

  • Auto Twin Saw With Cross Saw & Edge Profile Head

    • Technical Specifications And Comparision Chart of Cutting Machine

      Specifications of Cutting Machine:

      • Automatic Twin Saw With Cross Saw & Edge Profile Head For Stone Cutting / Trimming Machine.
      • Spindle Drive for Twin Saw is 7.5 H.P. x 2
      • Spindle Drive for Cross Saw is 5 H.P.
      • Spindle Drive for Edge Profile Head is 5 H.P.
      • Variable Cutting Speed With 1 H.P. A.C. Drive & Electrical Motor.
      • Auto Function Electrical Panel with Push Buttons.
      • Easily Adjustable Different Cutting Width.
      • Fabricated Trolley With Wooden Platform.
      • Long Track
      • Heavy & Rigid Cast Iron Structure.
      • Fast Production.
      • Foundation Required.
  • Twin Saw Manual

    • Technical Specifications And Comparision Chart

      Specifications of Cutting Machine:

      • Twin Saw Stone / Tiles Cutting Machines Manual.
      • Easily Adjustable Different Cutting Sizes.
      • Manual Trolley Movement.
      • Foundation Not Required.

We can make a clean cut so that the end product needs a lesser amount of finishing. By using the proper blade and a machine with enough power, we can do the marble cutting in the least time. Sigma Machine Tools was established in year 1989 with the aim of manufacturing & exporting a full range of Stone Processing Machines.

We are also manufacturers and exporters of other Edge Cutting Machines as wellTake a look at it.

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